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We're all about sharing resources with Believers that will energize their relationship with God, help them discover their purpose and fulfill their God given destiny. 

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My Story

I was a 38 year old father of four when a toxic cocktail of international travel, stress in leadership at church, health concerns and the demands of a young family all culminated in a fight with anxiety and depression.

I thought I was going crazy.

I loved God's Word, but years of attending and teaching in church left me feeling like I knew about God, but that I didn't really know Him

I longed to experience peace. 

It was during that time that I developed some simple practices, all based on truths from God's Word that changed me and the way I approached my relationship with God. 

Honestly, it changed everything.

I walked away from anxiety and depression as my "quiet" times went from routine Bible reading, to powerful times with God that fuelled my day and transformed my life.

I went from feeling like I'd never be normal again, to walking in freedom, transforming my thinking, becoming more patient, loving with my family and having the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Today, as a dad, entrepreneur, pastor, transformational leader and coach, I've continued to develop these practices over years of pursuing personal growth.

They've helped me start businesses, improve relationships with my kids and wife, and live above the stress, doubt and fear that bombards us everyday.

I know they'll do the same for you.

I've never heard anyone teach these things in church. Don't go another year without learning how to grow... 

God's way.

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