Learn to Engage with God in a New Way that WILL Transform Your Life... FOREVER.

Discover Bible-based personal growth practices that are helping believers everywhere. Walk free from bad habits. Change negative beliefs. Overcome fear.

Learn How to Grow... God's Way.

Praying for Change But Never Seeing It?

Are you battling discouragement, feeling trapped in bad habits and attitudes that are affecting your life, career and relationships but you just can't seem to change? 

This eBook will challenge you with Bible based practices and principles that are proven keys to real-life, lasting change where you'll learn how to:

  • Walk in greater confidence personally & professionally
  • Overcome fear, stress and doubt
  • Have powerful encounters with God that fuel your day
  • Become the parent, partner, friend employee or business owner you've always wanted to be!

Like a ton of church leaders, I thought "personal growth" wasn't biblical.

Then I discovered principles in God's Word to produce real, lasting change.

Driven to overcome personal challenges robbing me of enjoying life as an entrepreneur, husband and father, I discovered Bible-based truths that revealed how God actually designed us for transformation.

That's when it all changed for me.

Get the Practical Guide for Experiencing God & Transforming Your Life.

In it I share the stories, beliefs and practical exercises that I used to overcome debilitating anxiety and fear and have powerful encounters with God.

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